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Enterprise culture:
Enterprise mission and promote industry progress, the promotion of social development


Enterprise vision:
Let the world so some are beautiful


spirit of enterprise:
Vision Heart construction Unite


Adhering to the excellent brand concept, pay attention to enterprise's long-term
( Sustainable ) development, adhere to the management of the,
To provide innovative products and services


Heart construction:
Caring staff, provide vast development space for employees
Intentions to build products, create curtain boutique with world vision and refine on quality awareness;
Heart moving customers, sincerely listen to customer needs, providing seamless service:
Intentions to serve the society, and make due contributions to the development of society。


Team work, the courage to open up, never abandon, create brilliant。


operation philosophy:
People-oriented, business integrity, quality, innovation, mutual win-win, standardized management, sustainable development。


The enterprise values:
Loyalty, sharing and learning, embrace change, teamwork, passion, go to all lengths。