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Wooden shutters doors can make home more beautiful and more environmentally friendly


Sets of solid wood shutters, realize all solid wood. Currently on the market called sets of solid wood composite doors wood louvered door aroused the interest of the reporter. According to sales personnel, the reason for this solid wood louvered door called sets of solid wood composite door, because of greater consumer selectivity epidermal posted solid wood leather, not exactly the same as the core material inside the timber, thus with the composite word, but the core material of the door is really all imported lauan and camphor pine, even Door also use pure solid material. Further, in order to prevent the wooden shutters Mentao deformation, as the various types of logs on the core material prior to entering the production line, to go through the high temperature digester. It is understood that the timber after cooking, not only can prevent deformation, can also prevent bred worms, and can cook grease timber, such timber itself there is no smell children.

Cook after solid wood breaking into the board to bake two weeks into the drying room, drying and then return to the open air atmosphere resurgence, moisture content 8-10%, to enter the production line, the production and assembly of doors and door pockets .

Sets of doors wood louvered door is more environmentally friendly. Apart from environmental protection to ensure the complete sets of wooden shutters doors because of all solid wood, first proposed the concept of purely finished doors more sets of doors environmental protection is assured.

Sets solid wood louvered door the manufacturer - Liangheng Wood Company total beam, the door on the past market to buy a home of this door does not require sanding, painting, but even the Door with direct installation on to be able to use, like to buy a color TV home as simple to buy sets of doors. According to reports, the molded door or solid wood louvered doors, not purely finished door, just in the door surface brush a layer of primer, buy back, paint and other procedures also need to be polished and brush to brush three to five over the paint operator generally takes three to five days to complete the installation of the door. Reprocessing process in the door, because many times the paint job, which will cause the contamination of the indoor environment, especially because the Wood Coatings now generally or polyester paint, polluting more.

Sets of doors wooden shutters doors for you to create a simple and elegant, aesthetically pleasing home. In today's increasingly high level of industrialization home improvement, home improvement projects has become increasingly simple: floor flooring manufacturers responsible for pavement cabinets professional cabinet manufacturers design, construction, installation, rest seems just whitewashers, do Door line transformation and other infrastructure projects, the emergence of the sets of doors, door and went out the Door of production processes excluded from the on-site construction. The benefits of these sets of doors including door pockets, so the on-site construction part of the original on the preliminary engineering work to change to the last to do, even in Puwan floor never too late to re-set the door, And then set the door can be directly to the amount of clear height between the floor and the door frame, will be more appropriate to the size of such measure out the door, do not come close or Queen gap between the door and the floor of the phenomenon does not appear

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