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Shutters and doors industry will create a new legend in the rural market


The door industry research report released last month revealed until the end of 2010, Chinese door industry production enterprises exceeded 11,000, of which nearly 4500 more than the annual output value of more than 10 million yuan.Door industry, China country outlets has reached 96,700, more than the annual output of over 19,867.98 million Tang (set / stage), the annual output value of 189.193 billion yuan, 16.081 billion yuan in profits and taxes, and exports more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars.

According to statistics, Chinese door industry from 2006 to 2010 output value of the average annual growth rate of 24%, this extrapolated door industry in China in 2011 annual output will reach 234.6 billion, even relatively conservative 20% The output can reach 2270 billion.

The rural doors and windows market has unlimited potential
The day forest blinds many brand categories dealer has perceived a few years ago, rural consumers come to buy doors rarely, in recent years, especially since the beginning of this year, increased farmers come to buy the door a lot, accounting for the total sales of more than half.

According to the Tianlin person in charge of the doors and windows market analysis, the rural migrant workers, entrepreneurs in their hometowns housing increased direct stimulation of the growth in demand for these people experienced urban life, a certain cognitive brand, product quality pursuit thus resulting in an increase in the demand for solid wood doors, solid wood doors, stainless steel security doors. For the convenience of consumers around the nearest purchase, many security door manufacturers have also developed operational policy to respond to the market, Shun hongye burglar door manufacturers Merchants also started the transition, the dealer is a bridge between manufacturers and consumers, manufacturers favor more a good understanding of the needs of consumers.

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