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Charms home solid wood shutters and doors of the production process and characteristics


Solid wood shutters characteristics: solid wood charms home, pay attention to quality and environmental sense.Based wood wet up the drying shrinkage properties, wooden shutters on the choice of timber requirements are very strict, and is generally used in the stability basswood (commonly known as the piano wood) material, modern state-of-the-art technology to produce integrated splicing, in dealing with the deformation, moistureanti-corrosion process, the production technology is complex, but the product is more texture, qualities of pure solid wood makes it even more distinguished. Therefore, the higher prices, more suitable for high-end customers.

Blinds the surface the American original PU anti-yellowing paint handling, strong adhesion, mildew, decay, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, safety and environmental protection, effectively resist ultraviolet radiation of the surface.

Charms solid wood shutters and doors of the home has a European style, elegant, exquisite and perfect; arbitrary adjustment bedroom light, any location of the residence of the blades 150 degrees corner; both ventilated, but also shade to withstand ultraviolet radiation; pure solid wood manufacturing, locking link environmental PU paint, venetian dustproof, natural upstart.

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