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Buy blinds how to see the quality?


Following Liangheng Wood buy shutters:
1 color - the entire curtain blades and all accessories (ladder, turn stick, rope), and the turn stick on the small parts, such as to maintain the same color, indicating that the production process has to cross the border.
Smoothness - hand feeling leaves with the smoothness of the wire frame, good quality products should be smooth, rounded edges, no sting difficult to handle sense.
The opening and closing function - rotate the stick to open blades, each blade of good quality products should maintain a good level of separation distance between each blade symmetry, each blade to keep straight, up and down bending of sense. When the vanes are closed, each of the blades should be mutually consistent, non-leaky voids.
4, the degree of resistance to deformation - leaves open can be forced under pressure blades by hand, so that the force leaves the next bend, then quickly let go, such as the blades quickly restore the level of the state, no bending phenomenon indicates that the quality standards.
5, automatic locking function - when the leaves all closed, pulling the PULL, you can roll up the leaves. Right pull wires, the blades should automatically lock, keep rolling up state, neither continue on volume not loose decline. Otherwise, the curtains have a problem locking function.

Louver blades is an important part of the regulating shutters. When the shutters of the purchase, it is best to first touch the louver blade is smooth and uniform, take a look at each one blade from the burr. In general, the processing of good quality blinds leaves details, particularly the production of plastics, wood chips, bamboo blinds blades, if the texture is better, it's life will be longer.

Scotch is also a need to focus on the inspection of the part of the blinds. Blinds transfer bar is adjusting the angle of the blade, turn the stick see flexible blade flip, as the blade can not rotate freely Ming Oumu problem in need of repair.

Pulling the function is to control the lift curtain, go to the horizontal position of attempting to pull the blinds leaves first, then try to pull the look is smooth curtain lifting, pull the rope to the right to see whether the lock. If you can not lock Anti-slip problem.

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