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Swept the U.S. real wood blinds


Solid wood shutters (breathable window) styling Yuan in Europe, popular in Europe and the United States more than 200 years in Europe and the United States, solid wood shutters for (breathability window) accounted window for more than 60% of the amount of jewelry, wood blinds (ventilation window) complex manual process perfect The details of the deal, the choice of a variety of colors to blend the style of blinds and home decor. Endurance with its elegant design, excellent quality in European and American markets long dominated solid wood shutters sales first.

Classic American style
American style, with its sense of both cultural extravagance sense without the lack of a comfortable sense of mood just cater to the pursuit of cultural class lifestyle. Shutters its simple, stylish, personalized design, fully integrated characteristics of American style. Meet your personalized romantic pursuit

Classic European design
Its dignified style, noble and elegant European design famous. Wood blinds quaint romantic European style features fully rendered.

Walked into the living room, a large room entertainment area, gently pull up on both sides of the sliding door, a refined and room Original space, or as a study, all left to their own favorite. Endurance solid wood sliding door to your natural living space full of surprises.

Idyllic village style
The city life is full of the taste of reinforced concrete, the home of a hard day, the oncoming flowers, grass, flowers, and then all the fatigue would immediately dissipate. For the love of nature, know how to enjoy life owners design style should be fresh and natural style of pastoral, a large area of ​​natural colors of green, white, yellow and dotted some flowers pattern, gently pull the blinds, a plume of sunlight your home. Moderate sunlight, natural tones. Let your breathing the air in the forest at any time at home.

Mediterranean style
The main color white, this Mediterranean-style elements, sedate and simple style, gives a fresh feeling. Slowly move the blinds, the scenery is the most beautiful scenery in the home. Careful the taste people feel sailed the ocean breeze.

Modern style
Simple but not simple, and not fade forever rising as fashion forward. In addition to modern quality feel, and gave some of the successful people design required for a successful open-minded mood space.

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